Detailing Services

Ace of Dents Complete List of Auto Detailing Services and Estimates

Ace of Dents offers three detailing packages with a variety of options for every vehicle, including classics and imports. Our certified technician will assess your vehicle and provide you with a free estimate for exotic car detailing for your luxury vehicle or regular driver.

Basic Package – Express Auto Detailing

This package includes interior and exterior services using our luxury car detailing products and techniques. The price for this service is $150.

  • Full car vacuum covering door panels, dashboards, and seals
  • Only use Meguiars cleaning products
  • F11 Topcoat wax
  • All sealers and polishers are acceptable for specialty finishes like matte and denim
  • Separate microfiber towels for superior quality
  • Dual-sided towels dry and polish
  • Detailing includes floor mat cleaning
  • Nanolex Tire Polishing compound restores rubber

Advanced Package II – Full Detailing Services

Deeper cleaning using separate microfiber towels for every inch of your vehicle. The total cost is $450.


  • Gliptone Foaming HD Car Shampoo
  • Extra attention to details like seat linings, seatbelts, and edges where stains are more likely
  • Under-seat vacuuming
  • Floor mat cleaning
  • Warm water stitch washing
  • Vent cleaning
  • Steam cleaning for soft surfaces
  • Car Brite Cherry Shine leather conditioning treatment for luxury car detailing


  • Technicians only use Meguiars Correction Compound
  • 205 Fine polish for an ultra-luxurious finish
  • Top-quality Rupes polisher and pads

Ultra Detail Package III – Three Levels of Luxury Car Detailing

This package includes exterior detailing and paint correction for fixing minor scratches and paint damage. These packages start at $950 with the option to add the interior wash for $325.

Stage 1

Removes minor damage or polishes pristine finishes.

  • One-day service for $950
  • Uses Meguiars Ultra 105 and Ultra Pro Speed Compound 110 Fine Polish
  • 3M Perfect Rubbing Compound
  • Highest quality Rupes pads and polishing equipment for a mirror finish

Stage 2

Addresses more involved swirls, dents, and scratches.

  • Correction and polishing service for $1,125
  • Finesse 2 treatment
  • Better quality products

Stage 3

Repairs deeper paint damage and blemishes like spider webbing.

  • Two-day service costs $1,300
  • Including all top-quality Meguiars products and the best paint repair equipment on the market

Interior Wash Add-on

  • Seat cleaning with special attention to edges and stitching using a warm water wash
  • Gliptone Foaming HD Shampoo
  • Nanolex Clay Bar
  • Deep cleaning using steam
  • Underseat vacuuming
  • Floor mat washing
  • Vent cleaning
  • Extra cleaning around edges, seals, and small areas where dirt and debris collect
  • Griots Garage Premium Leather Cleaner for 3-in-one protection
  • Seatbelt cleaning

Ceramic Coating for Exotic Car Detailing

Providing durable finishes and luxury products for caring for all vehicle types.

  • Nanolex Clay Bar for removing tough stains and debris like tar
  • Most affordable option – Carlift Crystal Quartz coating $950
  • GT Quartz Nano Ceramic Coating – $1,300
  • Ceramic Pro 1500 packages
    1. Bronze $1,500
    2. Silver $1,750
    3. Gold $1,950 – Best price deal

Luxury Car Detailing using PPF 3M Film

Cover your paint to increase longevity and minimize future damage. Prices start at $350 per section.

  • Our 3M Certified installer only uses the trademark 3M self-healing films and paint protectants
  • 3M Pro-series, registered Scotchguard materials

Additional Auto Detailing Services

Ace of Dents offers other interior and exterior exotic car detailing services.

  • Ceramic leather cleaning – $225
  • Lift kit and well cleaning – $225
  • Ceramic Pro glass cleaning – starts at $300 and covers all glass
  • Ceramic wheel and rim detailing includes:
    1. Full debris cleaning
    2. Rim disinfecting
    3. Chemical cleaning products
    4. Precision re-torquing using Snap-On equipment