Does your Lexus, BMW, or Maserati have a small ding in the rear panel? Did the kids’ next door throw a Frisbee too close to your vehicle? At Ace of Dents, we have a revolutionary process for these situations. The best part is it costs hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars less than going to the body shop you always go to. 

Lexus dent removal with paintless dent repair

PDR is an innovative technique of dent removal using slide tools, suction, heat, and other specialized equipment. Secondary to removing the damage, the goal is to protect the finish of your vehicle. Our specialized technicians regularly work on sports cars, classic vehicles, corporate models, transportation vehicles, buses, and emergency vans and trucks. Gently working the ding from the inside of the rear panel, we help vehicle owners retain the original finish and keep the pre-damage value. When complete, no visible signs of the dent are left. Your vehicle finish remains pristine. 

Top reasons New Yorkers choose Ace of Dents

  • Over a decade of experience providing exceptional quality and customer service
  • Specialized equipment and innovative techniques
  • Experience with luxury brands and high-end models
  • Mobile services in around an hour
  • Insurance claims assistance
  • Retain the original vehicle finish
  • Less cost, time, and effort versus traditional body shop repairs
  • Top ratings on social media sites and local reviews

Bumping the light pole next to the place you park at the gym can leave a crease or dent in the rear panel of your car or SUV. To get out this damage, you might think a dent puller or body shop repainting is necessary, but with Ace of Dents and PDR, we can save you money and protect your Lexus. To find out more about our PDR services, please call us at 201-699-9102.

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