It is inevitable. Somehow, someway, the rocker panel on your vehicle is going to get a ding or dent. The kids may kick off the snow too hard before getting in the vehicle. A wayward basketball might find its way to your Hyundai. At some point, your car or SUV will need a little attention. What is the best option for minor damage? You do not want to pay thousands at a traditional body shop. We talk about a new process called paintless dent repair, and how this solution can save you from tearing your hair out and paying big bucks.

What is PDR?

This revolutionary process requires a steady hand using just the right amount of pressure to reverse the dent. The technician alternates heat and suction working the dent from the inside out with slide bars and specially coated tools. When complete, the rocker panel looks new again. The best part is the paint remains unaffected, and you get to keep the original finish. 

Benefits of dent removal with Ace of Dents

  • High-quality repairs
  • Specialized equipment and techniques
  • Ten years leading the Tri-State in paintless dent removal
  • Mobile services with same day assistance
  • Value-adding process
  • Significant cost savings over traditional fixes
  • No need for a rental vehicle
  • Proven track record with five-star reviews on Google and Yelp 
  • Vast array of experience including working on luxury brands

Instead of driving your vehicle around with an unsightly ding under the door, let Ace of Dents get your ride looking new again. You can snap a photo of the damage and upload it to our site for a free estimate without leaving home. dent removal is affordable with PDR. Ace of Dents is happy to come to you to fix the damage with our mobile services.

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