Service technicians who perform paintless dent repair do not start work one day and decide to offer the highest quality repairs. This fix requires paying close attention to detail and a certain finesse. Another consideration is the integrity of the paint. A finish with paint damage does not qualify for PDR. 

Quality is important in big dents removal 

Paintless dent removal is a cutting-edge repair technique. This process takes practice working on old panels, junk parts, and older equipment to perfect. Steady hands and a good sense of hand-eye-coordination are important in PDR. 

State-of-the-art tools make a difference

Big dents removal is possible with PDR in the hands of a skilled technician. With the appropriate tools, a repair specialist can coax the dent out of the metal from the inside out. Slide tools and heat help the repair professional reverse the damage safely without marring the paint. This repair technique has many benefits including making it possible to repair the vehicle the same day. 

Ace of Dents offers unrivaled experience in PDR repairs

Our paintless dent removal experts are extensively trained to offer value-adding solutions for people with vehicles with minor damage and dents. Some large dent removal is possible with this process, but having an artisan perform the repair is necessary to get the best results. Our technicians have over a decade of experience working with every vehicle type from the soccer mom’s van to the classic car grandpa plans to pass down the line. 

When you have a vehicle that needs a delicate repair, why trust your car, truck, or van to just anyone? Ace of Dents is the Tri-State leader in PDR repairs. Call us to see if your big dents removal is possible with paintless dent removal.

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