Whether it is a nick from a grocery cart or a divot from a fallen tree branch, any damage to your new car makes your vehicle look bad and devalue your car. You know if you take your car, truck, or van to the body shop around the corner, they will likely use a dent puller and ruin the finish on your vehicle. If you let the damage go, then your vehicle value will always be lower. The dealer will charge an outrageous price. So, what do you do to fix the dent on new car? Paintless dent repair is a solution that is much more affordable, faster, and regains value.

How PDR works for a dent on brand new car

This process requires the use of specialized tools, heat, suction, and precise work by an auto artisan. Removing the dent means sliding thin tools behind the panel and working the material from the inside out. Protecting the finish is one of the final goals of using PDR for a dent on brand new car.

Why choose Ace of Dents for a dent on new car

  • Fully insured company
  • Mobile dent repair service within NJ and NYC
  • Decades of experience
  • Auto insurance may cover the cost of PDR
  • Service warranty
  • Regain vehicle finish
  • Costs a fraction of the price of standard dent repairs
  • Only takes minutes to about an hour to complete
  • Same day service

Let our Ace of Dents expert come to your location when you have a dent on your new vehicle and are too busy to make it to our Closter, NJ shop. When your new vehicle needs some touching up, we make sure you do not see any sign of the dent when we are done. Call us at 210-699-9102 for an appointment today.




Photo by Jesse Collins on Unsplash

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