Tips for protecting your car from hail damage during winter months.

Dent repair NJ is not a cheap fix when you have to go to an auto body shop for sanding and repainting. One way to minimize these costs is by reducing the chance your car, truck, or motorcycle is damaged from hail, branches, and other storm debris. Another solution for unavoidable accidents is to hire a professional to perform paintless dent removal New Jersey. PDR NJ uses gentle methods of damage removal than traditional methods of auto body dent repair. One of the best advantages of paintless dent removal is that it costs about half as much as older minor dent repair methods.

Choose your parking space wisely to prevent paintless dent removal in NJ

To avoid minor dent repair NJ, it is vital to find a designated covered parking spot. This might be a carport, a parking garage nearby, or a home garage. Since this is not always possible, it is important to have a backup plan in place. Ace of Dents is the leading paintless dent repair NJ expert with more than ten years of experience in PDR New Jersey and New York. Their experts can perform dent removal NJ as a mobile service.

Avoid mobile dent repair in NJ costs by getting the right insurance

Paintless dent removal NYC is often covered under insurance policies, but drivers must ask for comprehensive coverage. A regular insurance policy that provides coverage for minimal state requirements will not pay for paintless dent removal for hail or storm damage. As a paintless dent remover NJ expert, Ace of Dents can help you find out if your hail dings are covered under your insurance policy.

Unless you have the money to buy a high-priced car cover or a covered parking area, then it is a wise idea to know the industry leader in mobile dent repair. If you cannot avoid dents from hail and branches, then it is best to use a specialist to repair your vehicle so that you can maintain the value of your car, truck, or motorcycle. Mobile dent repair services provided by Ace of Dents costs nearly half as much as traditional sanding, fixing, and repainting a vehicle. Protect your wallet from the cost of hail repair by getting the right insurance and using a local expert with more than a decade of experience in PDR New Jersey repairs for luxury and everyday vehicles.



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