Do you live or work in Fort Lee? Does your vehicle have a bumpy door or hood? Ace of Dents is the leading provider of paintless dent repair with four locations in Hackensack, the Bronx, Fort Lee, and Closter NJ.

What is paintless dent repair Fort Lee NJ?

Pdr is the most revolutionary dent removal option. This repair helps vehicle owners retain the value of the car because technicians never touch the paint. The fix gives you the best option to get the highest resale value. This method uses specialized equipment including rubber mallets, heat, and rollers to remove dings and dimples all over your vehicle. The fix is fast only taking a few minutes to about an hour to complete. The best part is that it is much more affordable than standard body shop repairs that involve sanding and repainting your car or truck.

Why choose Ace of Dents?

  • Master technicians with skills fixing luxury brands like Jaguar
  • Number one pdr provider in the tri-state area
  • Will fix rental cars and corporate vehicles
  • Highly advanced equipment
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Revolutionary repairs
  • Insurance, warranties, and service guarantees
  • More than ten years of local assistance
  • Same day service
  • Affordable repairs beginning at $150
  • Retain original finish for highest equity
  • Versatile skills working with UTV’s, boats, vans, fleet models, buses, cargo vans, trailers, and more

Did you know that paintless dent repair Fort Lee NJ is a mobile service? When you get near any of the four cities we service, we can meet you anywhere you like to get rid of your dents. Do you have a business meeting in Fort Lee soon? Give us a call at 201-699-9102, and we can schedule a time to perform the repair while you are in town.

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