Do you want to know what it would take to fix the hail damage on your hood? Does your car or truck have dimples and dings from traveling on a road with gravel? When you are too busy to come to the shop, or you just want to get an idea of how much to budget for the cost of the repair, we have an online tool that can help.

How it works

When you have a ding or dent that you are not sure qualifies for PDR repairs, we can help determine the solution quickly with certified technicians who have more than a decade of experience working with luxury, rental, and corporate equipment. Our Ace of Dents PDR estimate tool lets you show us the damage. All you have to enter is your name, email address, telephone number, and a message about the dent. Attach your photo to our page. That is all it takes. One of our friendly staff members will get in contact with you quickly to provide answers and a cost estimate for repairs. 

PDR estimate benefits

  • Our specialty techs are certified, licensed, and insured to perform PDR repairs on any vehicle
  • Five-star ratings on Google and hundreds of testimonials from previous clients back our reputation
  • Fast and free estimates through our online portal let you get answers from anywhere
  • Mobile services and same day fix with an appointment are always available
  • Retain original finish and improve the value of your vehicle

When you want a fast answer about fixing your vehicle, and you want to do it from the comfort of home, then upload your dent photo to Ace of Dents. We are happy to let you know if we can use PDR for the fix. We can also give you a free PDR estimate for repairs.

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