Paintless dent removal or paintless dent repair also known as PDR, is the most popular, trusted and affordable way of dents and dings on a vehicle. If you see the before and after dent removal images on our website you will notice it restores the look of a car and brings back original factory finish.

Paintless dent repair is typically used for damages made by a hailstorm, the dents all over your vehicle can be easily removed and dents from minor accidents, parking lot mishaps, and dings can be removed as well, with as good as new finish.

Conventional auto body shop will tell you that there is a lot work needed along with time and money, but with a Paintless dent repair New Jersey specialist like us you can bring back your car’s charm and finish in just few hours and for much less cost.

Here are some important info that you need to know about Paintless Dent repair

• The process doesn’t involve sanding but body fillers or repainting is needed.
• The existing paint job on your vehicle remains intact.
• It fixes all size dents, dings and scratches.
• Most of the dent removal jobs takes few hours, saves your time.
• Much more cost effective than traditional dent repair.
• Most importantly, it maintains the value of your car.

There are two ways of removing dents with PDR, first one is applying pressure to the back side of the vehicle panel with specially customized tools to push the dents out, another process of paintless dent repair involves bonding a device from the outside of the panel and pull dent from the front.

We are a licensed paintless dent removal service provider in New Jersey NJ area, providing guaranteed, quick and convenient service at your home or work place at affordable Price!

We do offer complete satisfaction to our customers. Call Us now at 201-699-9102 or email us to get a free quote for our ding, paintless dent repair Service in New Jersey Area.

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