Over time, a dent in the roof of your vehicle can begin to show signs of damage. With the freeze and thaw cycles that are so common in New Jersey and New York winters, a small dent can lead to more serious issues. For instance, the snow and ice will always accumulate in a depression on the roof. The finish may hold up, but your vehicle will be worth less with a dent. Let Ace of Dents explain how you can benefit from car roof paintless dent removal services.

How PDR works

Did you have a basketball or football land on top of your car? Perhaps the utility worker cutting tree branches let one slip away, and it hit your truck roof. Whatever the reason, you now have a ding that you have to fix. At AOD, we help you regain the full value of your truck, SUV, or van. We use rollers, suction, heat, and gentle pressure to ease the ding back into place. Our services often take about an hour.

Benefits of car roof paintless dent removal services from Ace of Dents

  • Can sell for more money – regains pre-dent value
  • Ten years experience in Manhattan, NY, and Hackensack and Fort Lee, NJ
  • Five-star ratings on Google Maps, Yelp, and Facebook
  • Insurance, skills, and specialty equipment
  • Warranty on service
  • Testimonials, pictures, and reviews from happy clients
  • Free estimate
  • Cheaper than auto body repairs

If you need car roof paintless dent removal in New Jersey or New York, give Ace of Dents a call at 201-699-9102. We can come to your home or office and check out the roof of your vehicle, or you can stop by the shop and let us take a look. We work on various models including Porsche, Lexus, Dodge, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Ferrari.

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