Do you own a Jeep and live in or near New Jersey? Many Jeep owners take these vehicles off-roading and find they end up with little dings and dents. As long as this damage is minimal, meaning it does not affect the paint or stretch the material beyond normal limits, a revolutionary process for Jeep dent removal can reverse the damage. Ace of Dents is New Jersey’s leader in paintless dent removal for minor and some large dent repairs. 

Jeep dent removal uses no fillers, bonding agents, or putty

When you take your vehicle to most body shops, the standard dent repair involves screwing into the damaged area and yanking out the material. A bonding or masking agent covers the area and gets a good sanding. Afterward, your vehicle sits in line for a spot in the paint booth. A highly skilled painter is necessary to blend the new and existing paints to try to make them match as closely as possible. Paintless dent repair uses none of these techniques because advanced equipment removes the damage without touching the paint. 

Jeep paintless dent removal is much more affordable than traditional dent repair

At Ace of Dents, our repairs begin at $150 for an area about the size of a dime. The shape, location, and material of your vehicle factor into the repair. Our licensed and bonded technicians can provide a free quote detailing our solution and cost. Because this service is mobile, we can perform Jeep dent removal at your office or the grocery store when you are too busy to make it to our shop. 

Get your baby looking like new again with Jeep paintless dent removal. Ace of Dents is top-rated online. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. 

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