Did you go to the grocery store just to come out and find a cart sitting against your car and a new dent? Where can you take your vehicle to get the dent removed without it costing an arm and a leg? The auto shop down the road has a special on dent repairs, but do you know the brand? Are you familiar with customers that used the company with success? Why take the chance when you can get affordable dent removal for around $500 or less?

How low-cost dent repair can be harmful to your vehicle

Angie’s List says beware of small shops because they can have little or no insurance to cover any damages they create. A cheap special can end up costing you thousands in damage. For instance, you take your truck to the shop on the corner. The dent is removed, but the finish looks dull or chipped. A few months down the road, your paint is cracking and peeling, there is rust beginning to show where the dent was, and the company refuses to look at it because it was a special that is no longer covered. You can spend thousands getting this damaged fixed.

Why use Ace of Dents as your professional dent repair company New Jersey

  • High-quality repairs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Proven track record with hundreds of referrals and testimonials on social media sites like Google Maps and Yelp
  • Ten years experience as a professional dent repair company New Jersey
  • Regular work with luxury models like Lamborghini
  • Corporate and personal vehicle repairs
  • Mobile services
  • Restores and protects the value of your vehicle

Why choose a cut-rate shop to repair your vehicle? Call Ace of Dents at 201-699-9102 for a free estimate. We guarantee our work.

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