Do you have a dent in one part of your car or truck? Do you feel like you may need to replace your hood or quarter panel? Is your insurance company telling you to have pdr? Do you want to find out what the best way to repair your vehicle is before you make a mistake and cost yourself time and money?

When you should have paintless dent repair vs replacing panel 

At Ace of Dents, we feel two things should happen before you opt for paintless dent repair. Your insurance company should check out your vehicle and document the damage with photos. We will come and offer a free estimate and inspection. When both parties agree that there is no paint damage, then you will benefit from paintless dent repair vs replacing panels. Pdr gently removes a ding or dent with heat, suction, and gentle rollers to put the panel back in place without affecting the paint on your car, truck, or motorcycle. 

Why choose Ace of Dents for pdr services?

Our experts are trained to carefully inspect your vehicle to make sure that the paint is not damaged before we begin pdr. We will never work on a vehicle that has a crease, crack, or flaking paint because this damage requires sanding and refinishing to remove the damage under the surface. Our services help vehicle owners that have small dings or dents that do not affect the paint, but a thorough inspection is necessary to make this determination. 

Ace of Dents is happy to provide a damage inspection and give you an estimate for paintless dent repair vs replacing panel sections. Call us today at 201-699-9102 to set up a convenient time for one of our licensed and insured technicians to meet with you. 


Photo by Letizia Bordoni on Unsplash

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