If a dent by shopping cart has you feeling sad about the look of your vehicle, then call Ace of Dents. Our mobile ding removal process is fast, environmentally safe, and affordable. With this technique, our certified and licensed technicians can come to you without worry of making a mess in your showroom, driveway, or garage. 

Retain the original finish

  • No sanding or scraping
  • Avoid the paint booth
  • No fillers 

Same day appointments

In the hands of a skilled technician, paintless dent removal is quick and simple. Many of our repairs only take a few minutes. Ace of Dents will come to your home or office the same day you call. 

Improves sale value

Everyone knows vehicle finish is a huge selling point. By retaining the original paint job, your car, truck, or van is worth more money. PDR repair averages $300 a fix, so most sellers do not mind paying this expense to get more out of the vehicle when selling. 

Better for historic and classic car

Do you have a beautiful classic vehicle with super low mileage? Taking this car out to the body shop will not work. Hauling it on a flatbed is expensive and runs the risk of other damage. Paintless dent removal lets you keep your car in place because our technicians come to you. We use protective coverings and gloves to keep your vehicle secure while we work. 

Ace of Dents is the leading New Jersey PDR provider

  • Ten years of experience
  • Leading PDR shop in New Jersey
  • Fast process with a warranty
  • Same day repairs

When you get a dent by shopping cart, your vehicle loses value. PDR can remove this damage with no sign. Let Ace of Dents come to your home, showroom, or office to increase the value of your car or truck.

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