The car has a nice ding in it, but where is the best place to get repairs? You could take it to the auto body shop, but you may have to wait weeks before you get your vehicle back. Opting to go with a certified paintless dent repair company is one way to avoid a huge hassle and save yourself time and money. So, how do you know which place to use? Simple. Is there any damage to the paint? If not, then pdr is likely the best solution. If the paint is chipping, cracking, or missing, then taking the vehicle to the body shop may be best.

How a leading paintless dent repair company can save you hundreds of dollars

When you go to a body shop, your car waits until the technician can get it in and assess the damage. Then, the area gets a good sanding before filler needs to be put into the area. After the material is dry, a worker has to sand it smooth before your car or truck goes to the paint booth. This step can take weeks depending on the schedule. With pdr, a skilled technician can come to your home, office, or school and repair the damage in about an hour. Forget rental car fees and hitching rides with friends for gas money.

Ace of Dents is a trusted New Jersey pdr company. We are dedicated to helping our clients with every vehicle type from vans, boats, trucks, & classic cars. We specialize in new car, fleet, and luxury model repairs. With ten years of experience, our certified and licensed specialists can help you remove a dent from the neighbor’s football or the grocery cart that hit your car last week.

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