Does your truck have a dent in the hood? Did a branch fall on your car the last time it stormed? Perhaps, your employee was unaware that someone backed into the company vehicle when he or she were using it. No matter how it happened, the damage is there, and now your vehicle is worth less than it was before the damage.

How a professional dent repair company New Jersey can fix your vehicle fast

PDR is a revolutionary fix that only takes about an hour to perform. A highly-skilled technician uses specialized heat and suction equipment to gently remove the dent without marring the finish on your car, van, or boat. One of the biggest advantages of this service is that it is mobile. A professional dent repair company New Jersey like Ace of Dents can send someone to your home or office to fix your vehicle while you get the kids off to school or attend an important meeting.

Continue your day while we perform a quick and affordable fix

There is no need to make an appointment and drop your car off at the repair shop for who knows how long before you get it back. With PDR, you simply call Ace of Dents at 201-699-9102 and set up an appointment for one of our technicians to come to you and inspect the damage. To make things more convenient, we even have an upload box where you can send us a photo of the damage, and we will give you a free estimate online.

When you have dents, and you live in or visit Manhattan or New Jersey, let Ace of Dents come to you and get your vehicle back in top shape. We help you retain the value of your company fleet too. Call 201-699-9102 to schedule an appointment.

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