You do your best to take care of your rental car, just to have someone bump it in the parking lot at work or school. What do you do now? If you turn in the vehicle with damage, the rental agency will hire someone to fix it and send you the bill. What is worse is that your credit card is already on file. The fees will automatically come off from the card. What can you do to save yourself the charges that come with returning a damaged rental car or truck?

What happens when you return a lease vehicle with damage

Rental cars that come back with dents and dings get an assessment by the agent. The loss is documented, and photos are taken for insurance purposes. The agent sends the vehicle to an auto body repair shop. The car might have to sit for several days or even a week before the dealer or body shop can fix the damage and then paint the rental vehicle. By this time, the company is racking up charges for you to pay that reach in the thousands of dollars.

The advantages of choosing Ace of Dents for your lease return car dent repair

Why shell out money you do not have to spend? Ace of Dents can fix your rental vehicle today. Forget about damage fees and pricey fixes, our solutions take about an hour and cost hundreds, if not thousands less than you will pay by returning a damaged vehicle to the leasing company. We can even come to your workplace or home to perform the fix if you like.

Ace of Dents is New Jersey’s leader in lease return car dent repairs. Call us at 201-699-9102 for an appointment. We can save you money and hassle.

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