Does your vehicle have a small crease in the fender or a ding in the door panel? Paintless dent repair NJ is a revolutionary option that keeps you from having the body sanded and painted to fix the damage. This fix never messes with the finish on your car or truck, and you will not spend weeks waiting on the body shop to get your vehicle in the paint booth.

What damage can paintless dent repair NJ fix?

  • Dents that do not cut into or crack the paint on the vehicle
  • Small dings about the size of a half-dollar or less are common
  • Damage to hoods, car doors, trailers, boats, and rental equipment

How PDR works

This solution uses heat lamps and slender tools to work out the ding from the inside of the panel. The PDR technician puts the light on the panel and secures it in place with a suction cup and car blanket. Using a slim bar, the specialist works on the dent from the inside of the panel to prevent any damage to the paint. With some persuasion, the damage is reversed. The value is retained because paintless dent removal NJ restores the surface to pre-damage conditions.

Benefits of using paintless dent removal for your vehicle

  • Affordable at around $150 to $250 per dent
  • Quick repairs in about an hour
  • Full value retention
  • Work by certified, licensed, and fully insured PDR specialists
  • No sanding or painting
  • Many insurance agencies prefer to pay for PDR services
  • Your car, truck, or SUV looks like nothing happened
  • Mobile services

Ace of Dents always provides a free estimate and a warranty on our services. We can help you fix minor car damage with same day appointments in most cases. Please call 201-699-9102 to book today.

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