Have you heard about paintless dent repair services in NJ? Do you wonder how pdr compares to auto body shops? At Ace of Dents, we can guarantee that you will be happy to use our services because we provide no sanding. Instead, we use gentle massage, heat, suction, and rollers to ease the ding or dent from your vehicle. We protect the finish while we work so that you never have to wait weeks to get into the paint booth just to find out the finish does not match in the end.

Average cost of paintless dent repair with Ace of Dents

Our pdr services are typically in the hundreds of dollars, and not thousands like the body shop on the corner. Most customers spend between $150 to $500 on our paintless dent repair, but we can give you a specific estimate when you call us for a free consultation. We can provide you with a quote for multiple repairs for vehicles that were caught out in a hail storm or have several areas with dings.

Pdr service with service warranties and a friendly smile

Our ten years of helping New Jersey, New York, Manhattan, and Bronx residents have given us extensive experience working with old and new vehicles. We handle corporate accounts and assist soccer moms and dads. We provide a more affordable and less invasive alternative to traditional sanding and refinishing work at the local body shop. We work and live in the New Jersey area, so we understand all about potholes, runaway grocery carts, and kids on bicycles and how they can ding up our favorite method of transportation.

Find out more about our pdr services by giving us a quick call at 201-699-9102. We are more than happy to come to you too. Let us help you recoup the full value of your car or truck.

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