Do you have a dent? Do you need your rental fixed now? Are you looking to save thousands on your body repair?

Paintless dent repair compared to traditional auto body repairs

PDR uses specialized tools with suction, heat, and gentle pressure to remove dings and small dents in cars, trucks, boats, buses, and vans. The service is portable, and complete in about an hour. Traditional repairs require drilling into the metal, pulling out the dent, sanding it several times, waiting for a spot in the paint booth, adding a coat of paint, sealing it, and letting it dry. The process takes a long time and costs thousands of dollars. PDR is fast, effective, and much less invasive.

Benefits of pdr

  • Easier to get covered by insurance companies than traditional fixes
  • Faster overall service by days or weeks
  • Saves thousands of dollars
  • Mobile, so you can have the repairs completed at work, school, or the gym

Why choose Ace of Dents for your auto paintless dent repair

We have more than a decade of experience with paintless dent repair. Our office works on luxury brands regularly. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to take care of your corporate or personal vehicle. Fast repairs keep you on track. Mobile service means we reach you no matter where you are located in the Closter, Harrington Park, or Dumont areas.

We are dedicated to providing our local businesses and residents a valuable service that offers peace of mind, complete repairs, and an experience you want to share with others. Ace of Dents is your premier auto paintless dent repair company. Call 201-699-9102 to schedule a free estimate or an appointment to fix your vehicle for thousands less than traditional auto body repair shops.

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