Is your Civic looking a little drab? Do you wish your vehicle was free of dings and dents so that your friends would stop teasing you about your car? Ace of Dents can eliminate that issue in about an hour with our minor dent repair service called Honda Civic paintless dent repair or PDR.

How PDR works

First, we assess your vehicle and take inventory of any dents or dimples in the car. We look for cracking and chipping paint surrounding the ding. Then, we use slide tools, rubber mallets, heat, gentle suction, and other specialty equipment to reverse the dent. When complete, your vehicle will regain value and have the original finish.

Ace of Dents guarantees our services making us the leading NJ PDR firm

Our mobile paintless dent repair services are one of the most popular fixes we perform. When you cannot make it into our shop, we will come to you. Our clients rave about how fast we complete the repair, and how good the vehicle looks when we are done. With certified technicians and ten years of experience working on fleet models and luxury brands, you never have to worry about shoddy work or scratches in your paint. We protect your vehicle while we work on it to help you get the full value out of your Civic should you choose to sell it.

Your vehicle is a reflection of you. When you want people to take you seriously at work or school, then you have to show up with a car or truck that has a beautiful finish. Dents and dings only cramp your style. For Honda Civic paintless dent repair help, give Ace of Dents a call at 201-699-9102. Check out some of our before and after photos.

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