When you have minor dent repair costs on your mind, it can distract you at work, school, and home. You may not know that Ace of Dents is the Number One provider of Toyota Camry paintless dent repair in the NJ and NY areas. We offer peace of mind with a fast solution while you wait. You can even visit us for same day service.

How we perform our mobile paintless dent repair services NJ

First, we inspect your ding or dent to make sure there is no paint chipping around the area. Then, we cover your vehicle with non-abrasive covers while we use innovative equipment with rubber grips to remove the dent. Heat and suction help us flex and shift the panels until the ding pops out. A quick wipe with a clean rag and your Camry is ready to hit the road again.

Toyota Camry paintless dent repair is affordable

While the average cost of PDR is about $350, our prices begin at $150. If removing the headliner is necessary, then we charge an additional $150 for your fix. Each repair costs about $150 but may be as much as $240 if the dent is larger than most. When you compare these numbers to the price of renting a vehicle while the body shop waits a week or more to get your vehicle into the paint booth, you are saving hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in the long run.

Ace of Dents wants to help you keep your Camry in top shape and worth every penny should you choose to sell it at some point. Our affordable and fast service is mobile, so we can always come to you when you have a full schedule. Give us a ring at 201-699-9102 to book an appointment.

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