Did you know that New Jersey and NYC have access to the leader PDR provider in the area with unparalleled service and fast repairs? You can get Toyota Rav 4 paintless dent repair for hundreds, not thousands of dollars when you choose Ace of Dents. Our certified, licensed, and insured technicians can repair most minor dings and dents on-site in about an hour.

We use advanced tools and technologies to remove the dent

Our specialists work on numerous vehicles and brands every day. Besides protective covers and blankets, we use rubber coated tools, heat, and suction to ensure that we never mar your finish. We get the dent to pop back in place, and you will never know where it was to start. Whether you just need your Rav 4 fixed or a luxury sports car, we have the skills and equipment to handle all your vehicles.

Ace of Dents always protects your finish with Toyota Rav 4 paintless dent repair

  • Ten years of service helping NY and NJ residents retain vehicle finish
  • Experts with extensive training
  • Five-star ratings and rave testimonials from previous clients
  • Mobile paintless dent repair services
  • Minor dent repair for a dime to half-dollar size dents that do not affect the paint
  • Specialized techniques
  • Experience working on Maserati’s, boats, trailers, RV’s, fleet vehicles, lease returns, and classic models
  • Same day service in about an hour
  • Hundreds less than conventional dent repair methods

Ace of Dents is proud to be New Jersey’s leader in Toyota Rav 4 paintless dent repair. Our goal is always to keep your paint intact while we remove the ding. To find out more about our processes, or if you have a unique item that needs dent removal, give us a call and ask at 201-699-9102.

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