Did you rent a car for work and find out that someone bumped the door and left a ding in it? Are you ready to swap out older lease models for newer ones, but some repairs need completing? Ace of Dents can help you fix up your fleet vehicles without costing an arm and a leg.

Covered services at Ace of Dents

  • Mobile repairs
  • Bumper fixes
  • Dents from grocery cart mishaps
  • Hail and storm damage from branches and objects tossed into vehicles in high winds
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Rim fixes

Paintless dent repair lease return services save you thousands in costs for dealer fixes upon returning a damaged vehicle

When you return a damaged vehicle back to the leasing agent, whether it is a corporate vehicle or a personal lease, it costs big bucks to fix. Guess who has to pay for all those charges? You do not want to deal with high rates of repairs when it comes to lease returns, so why not use our paintless dent repair service? Most vehicle fixes cost less than $500. We repair your car in about an hour, so time is not an issue, just call us early to get it complete before your return deadline, and we will help you restore the value of your rental and avoid high repair rates.

Ace of Dents has more than a decade of experience with mobile dent repair. Let us help you avoid high costs by performing mobile paintless dent repair lease return services on your company vehicles. To find out more about our process, how we restore the value of your rental, what the service fixes or our mobile appointments call Ace of Dents at 201-699-9102 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

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