Do you have a ding in your car door? Did someone let a grocery cart ram your bumper? Hail damage and high winds can cause tree branches to fall on your van roof creating dings and dents. A quick online search using the terms “paintless dent repair near me” will give you plenty of choices for pdr repairs, but do you know what that process involves?

How paintless dent repair near me can save me thousands of dollars in repairs

PDR is the use of rollers, heat, and vacuum suction to remove small dings and dents. Traditional auto body shops use pullers that damage the paint and require a new application to complete the repair. These fixes take days to weeks waiting for time in the paint booth, and they cost thousands of dollars. Our paintless dent repair near Manhattan services often cost an average of $300 or less, and we never mess with the paint.

Why Ace of Dents is the best pdr provider near Manhattan, NYC, and towns in NJ

  • Guarantee of services
  • High-quality repairs
  • Full value retention
  • Affordable fixes at a fraction of the cost of body shops
  • Mobile services
  • Lease return fixes
  • No painting
  • Insured and bonded
  • Same day service

Ace of Dents has paintless dent repair near Manhattan that gets you the most resale value

Make sure you get full sale price from your vehicle with paintless dent repair in New Jersey. We come to your home or office with our portable equipment. Your fix may take an hour, so call us and we can set up a time that is convenient for you.

To learn more about paintless dent repair near your home in Manhattan, please check out our reviews. Find out how we can help you retain the value of your vehicle when you look for PDR near New Jersey at 201-699-9102.

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