pdr dent repair porsche

Ace of Dents is here for the customer! Offering quick service, guarantee satisfaction on all PDR dent repairs and don’t forget the best prices around. When it comes to paintless dent repair, ding repair or dent repair– we’re your go to guys! Specializing in the Hudson County and Bergen County, NJ but having the mobile ability to go anything in the tri-state area, we provide the best paintless dent removal in the business!

Saving our customers’ time and a ton of money, our dent repairs usually cost 1/5th of typical dent repairs. We offer an unconventional fix for all types of dents and allows you to keep the manufactures’ paint. Our pricing depends on the size and location of the dent. While it’s hard to give an exact amount, we will give an immediate estimate with just a photo of your dent!

Our estimates range in price but can be as low as $150, this price still comes with our fantastic service, and guarantee of satisfaction. If you do decide to price shop, provide with a written estimate for a competitor’s service and we will beat their price! Along with our dent repair, we also offer a free car wash with all repairs. Not only will your car be dentless; it’s also be flawless, all thanks to Ace of Dents services!

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