There are three typical body shop scams or pdr scam tactics. Anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable or offers a deal that is too good to be true might just be telling you a lie. Here are a few ways we find that people in New Jersey are getting scammed.

Growing estimates

When you go to a repair shop for service, you should always get an estimate in writing. This way, no shop can charge a higher price when done working on your vehicle. A written estimate means they will do the work for the price of the estimate.

Telling you that you need several maintenance fixes

Everyone has heard a story where a friend went to the repair shop just to find out that the brake job he or she expected ended up costing four times the amount with worn rotors, busted wheel cylinders, or other overdue parts. One of the best ways to combat this problem is to choose a reputable, local shop with references and testimonials on social media sites. Check out the company with friends and family that use the shop.

Your car has a lot of wear and tear scam

When you hear that you have several more parts to replace, you can avoid getting scammed by telling the mechanic you want your old parts when he or she is finished repairing your vehicle. When you ask for the parts, they cannot hide how good a part looks, so they will not try to sell you a replacement for a perfectly good caliper or hose.

To avoid a pdr scam, consider using Ace of Dents. We are a trusted, local provider of pdr service in the New Jersey area. We offer quick, affordable fixes in about an hour. Call us today at 201-699-9102.

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