Are you thinking of buying a new vehicle? Have you ever thought about buying a car with hail damage? Do you know that you can get a huge discount on the vehicle when you know how little it costs for pdr? At Ace of Dents, we can repair hail damage for a fraction of the cost of traditional body shops. Forget about the chance of losing your dream car when the salesperson sells it as is before the insurance pays for the repairs.

How Ace of Dents can help you buy the car you want at a discount

Talk to the vehicle owner and find out what reductions they propose for vehicles with hail damage. Call Ace of Dents to inspect the car or truck. Use the information we give you and compare it to a body shop and persuade the salesperson down by using the larger figure. Your insurance may also cover the repairs, so you will want to contact your agent too.

Tips for buying a car with hail damage

  • Make sure the vehicle is in good shape
  • Get all the incentives in writing
  • Call Ace of Dents and have us look over the vehicle to give you a free estimate on pdr
  • Use the highest estimate to get the biggest reduction at the car lot or dealership
  • Buying a vehicle with hail damage is not a risk when you know everything involved. When you know the high and low prices for fixing a vehicle, then you can negotiate a fair price when buying a new car or SUV.

Ace of Dents is happy to provide a free estimate on repairs for a vehicle you want to buy. Call us at 201-699-9102 for a free paintless dent repair consultation today.

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