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Tips to protecting your car in parking lots.

Follow our tips to help prevent the need for paintless dent removal in New Jersey. When the unfortunate happens despite all your careful planning, Ace of Dents is there for you. Our minor dent repair in NJ experts will help you keep your vehicle looking shiny and new all season long.

Park close to light poles

Parking in front of the light pole is one of the best places you can put your vehicle for two reasons. The main reason is so that your car or truck is well lit at all times. The second reason is to keep people from bumping into your vehicle by pulling up too far in their parking spot.

Avoid cart corrals

Although dent removal in NJ is affordable, no one wants to spend holiday money fixing a ding he or she got from shopping in crowded malls. Steering clear of the cart collection area means that it is easier to avoid the cart. Unfortunately, many of the cart corrals are near lights, so choose your parking space wisely.

Try to shop during the day so that you can park away from other vehicles

Mobile dent repair in NJ can fix your car when it gets dinged, but avoiding the problem altogether is a better option. When possible, try to run holiday errands during the day. Although daylight shopping means more crowds, it does allow you to park further away from the entrance. Since it is light outside, there are fewer chances of encountering carts and distracted drivers.

Insurance for pdr New Jersey

Minor dent repair is often covered by your insurance company when you have comprehensive insurance coverage. Many companies are happy to pay for paintless dent removal NYC because of how much cheaper it is than older dent fixes. When you find you need mobile dent repair, Ace of Dents is your leading paintless dent remover NJ. They bring the tools and equipment to you so that you can continue shopping for holiday gifts.

No one wants to pay for auto body dent repair, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Paintless dent removal is an option that lets you get that ding fixed fast at a cost nearly half as much as traditional sanding and refinishing from regular auto body shops. PDR NJ also retains the value of your vehicle because it does not involve the finish. When our tips cannot protect your car call Ace of Dents at 210-699-9102 for a paintless dent repair estimate.

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