Do you own a classic car? Does your vintage vehicle have a dent or ding that you never noticed? Did you classic car get caught in a storm while you were out showing it off? At Ace of Dents, we have the experience, tools, and knowledge to restore your vehicle to pre-damage condition while retaining the full value. We never sand the paint or mess with the finish.

Vintage car dent repair that retains the value of your vehicle

Our equipment consists of blankets, heat guns, padded rollers, and gentle suction to remove dents and dings during classic car dent repair. We make sure that you never have to worry about matching paint, weeks in the paint booth, and less than adequate results. Our experts work on exotic brands and company trucks along with every other vehicle type, so you know we have the experience to work on your vintage car. 

Why choose Ace of Dents for your classic car dent repair 

  • Easy reach from NYC or NJ
  • Insured, certified, and highly trained technicians
  • More than ten years of experience with pdr repairs
  • Extensive history repairing exotic and vintage model vehicles
  • Diverse record with fleet vehicles, marine, everyday driver, and corporate cars
  • Mobile services that only take about an hour
  • Specialty equipment and tools

Whether you live, work, or spend time in New York City, Ace of Dents can help you with vintage car dent repair. Do you have an appointment or interview in the city? Give us a call, and we can arrange to fix your vehicle while you are in town. We work with you to fix your classic car to help you keep it looking good and maintain the full value for as long as you can. Call us a 201-699-9102 for a free consultation. 


Photo by Alex Read on Unsplash

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