Do you know what to do if you get caught driving in a storm with hail? Are you ready for spring driving weather when branches and tree limbs are likely to fall causing damage to vehicles in New Jersey and the surrounding communities? We give you a quick rundown of the best ideas for driving in hail and fixing your car after the storm. Pdr services can help you save money, time, and regain the value of your vehicle after bad weather.

When you are caught in a hail storm driving

  • When no structure is nearby, try to drive to safety
  • Pull over if there is a chance of your window getting busted
  • Be sure to get off of the main road surface
  • Try to angle the car where it will get the least exposure to windows or hail will hit the windshield because it is the strongest window in the vehicle
  • Lie down and get under the dash or back seats if possible
  • Cover your face and exposed body parts with a coat, blanket, or rag to keep from getting cut from breaking glass
  • Never exit the vehicle during a hailstorm

After the hail storm driving tips

  • Report your claim to your insurance company
  • Set up a time for inspection
  • Call Ace of Dents for a free pdr estimate
  • Let us come to you
  • Save money and time
  • Get back the full value of your vehicle

Ace of Dents helps you get your vehicle back to normal after a natural disaster like getting caught in a hail storm. We understand how unpredictable New Jersey weather can be for residents. Let us help ease your mind and make the repair process easy with highly skilled technicians and insured service at 201-699-9102.


Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

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