Do you have a few dents or dings that make your vehicle look bad and worse yet, detract from the value of your car or van? Perhaps you have heard of the work that paintless dent repair technicians can do to fix your vehicle without the need for sanding and repainting, but you are a little uneasy for one reason or another. Let us put you at ease.

Pdr technicians have exceptional training and certification proving they can perform fixes at the top level

When you hire certified paintless dent repair technicians, you are choosing someone with highly trained skills using specialized tools to remove dents and protect the finish on your vehicle. Because the fix involves the use of rollers, heat, and suction to remove and completely repair the damage from storms and parking lot mishaps, you never have to worry about the ding coming back. The techniques that pdr technicians use make sure that your luxury car or SUV stays intact and regains pre-damage value.

Why choose the certified paintless dent repair technicians at Ace of Dents?

Our dent specialists spend hours working with trained pdr technicians to learn how to remove dings and fix your vehicle effectively. We warranty all our services. Ace of Dents specializes in corporate fleet repairs and exotic brand improvements on Aston Martins and other luxury brands. We work on school buses, marine vehicles, and your everyday driver too.

Let our decade of experience guide you to a vehicle with more value and beauty. When we perform dent repairs, you never have to worry about the damage returning. To find out more about how our pdr technicians can improve your vehicle and give it the stunning look it once had, please call Ace of Dents at 201-699-9102.

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