Do you need bumper dent repair? Has a storm wrecked your car and left pockmarks in the bumper? Ace of Dents is proud to provide an affordable solution that takes a fraction of the time of auto body shops. Paintless dent repair is a specialized service where our certified technicians gently roll or pull out dents and dings to restore your vehicle and gain back overall value.

Top five reasons to have bumper dent repair with pdr at Ace of Dents

  1. Insurance help
  2. Inexpensive results
  1. Fast service
  2. Helps the environment
  3. Regains vehicle value

Paintless dent repair is fast and affordable

When you have a ding from the runaway tricycle that the neighbor boy lost, or you had a branch fall on your roof, Ace of Dents can remove the damage and restore your vehicle with paintless dent repair. There is no filler or paint in the process, so we cut out the paint booth saving weeks of time and money. No more rental vehicles that cost a small fortune. We can come to you and be done in about an hour.

Ten years of service in the New Jersey area

At Ace of Dents, we are proud that local reviews on sites like Yelp and Google give us high ratings. Our team of dedicated experts in pdr services work with every vehicle type, style, and make. From buses and cars to exotic brands like Lamborghini, Ace of Dents has certified specialists that can carefully remove dents while protecting the finish on your vehicle. We use cutting-edge technologies to ensure that we fully restore vintage vehicles, classic cars, and your new ride.

Call us today at 201-699-9102 to find out more about our certified pdr services. Let us show you why we come highly recommended.

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