Are you looking at buying a newer car, truck, or van? When you live in states like New Jersey or New York, you know that storms are nothing to sneeze at any time of the year. Your search for a new vehicle may find you looking at options with hail dent repair needs. While you may be cautious and think that you should skip over these options, Ace of Dents has three important reasons why you should consider giving these vehicles a chance.

Some car sales companies and dealers will pay for hail damage dent repair

Many sellers will be happy to pay for hail dent repair because the cost is so much more affordable than standard fixes. Paintless dent repair starts at $150 with the average price for repairs ranging around the $300 mark. Simply asking the seller to cover these fees is a great way to get a lower cost on cars with hail damage.

Be sure that the lender will cover a loan for a vehicle with storm damage

  • A quick phone call should give you the answer you need
  • Many lenders are happy to cover the lesser PDR fees versus body shop costs

Know that using Ace of Dents for hail damage repair will help you regain the value of your vehicle

Our services involve rebuilding the value of vehicles with damage. We help you get the most improvement out of your new car by fixing the dings and dents without touching the paint. All our services come with a warranty. Our experience includes working with exotic brands.

Find out more about hail damage dent repair at Ace of Dents by calling 201-699-9102. We have mobile tools and services too. Ask if we can come to your home or office.

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