Have you ever taken a vehicle to the body shop for a ding or dent in the door, hood, or roof? Did you have to leave your truck with the agency and get a rental vehicle until the repairs were complete? With paintless dent repair, you never even have to leave home if you do not want to. We will come to you, and it costs hundreds of dollars less than the standard fix.

How paintless dent repair compares to traditional body shop fixes

While both solutions fix the damage and make sure your vehicle is shiny and dent-free, pdr is much faster, cheaper, and accessible. When you take your truck or van to the dealer or a body shop, any damage is pulled out with a dent puller that requires the technician to put a screw into the metal in several places. After the panel is flush, the worker then grinds the metal, makes the surface flat with a filler, sands the material, and preps the vehicle for paint. Once in the paint booth, the car must have tape and plastic to cover everything but the damaged area. The painter has to match the colors too. With PDR, our technician at Ace of Dents comes to your home or office and uses heat, suction, and gentle persuasion with specialized tools to remove the damage. We never touch your paint.

Paintless dent repair is a fast, affordable, and convenient service. Because the fix only takes about an hour, your average fee might only be a couple of hundred dollars. Standard repairs cost in the thousands once you finish paying for a rental car. Avoid the high price and hassle of the body shop with a paintless dent repair fix from Ace of Dents. Call us at 201-699-9102, and we can come to you today.

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