A checklist to help prepare your car for the winter season.

With cold temperatures dropping and snow and ice on the way, you want to be prepared for winter. Getting your car ready can help you avoid being left along the side of the road in inclement weather. Our experts at Ace of Dents, a premier dent removal NJ company, want you to know what to check and fix before the snow flies.


To keep your car or truck running in top shape, it may be helpful to run a thinner oil. For instance, if you typically run 10W-30 oil in your truck, then running 5W-30 oil will ensure your car runs best, according to DMV.org.


For best results, engine coolant must be used in the right percentage with water. Most experts recommend a 60 to 40 or 70 to 30 percent capacity. Using antifreeze with ethylene glycol is also important to keep your engine from freezing up.

Wear and tear

AAA says that there are many things to check for fraying, wear marks, broken parts, chips, and other damage. They recommend checking the following things:

  • Battery cables and terminals
  • Hoses and belts
  • Tire tread and dates
  • Tire pressure
  • Air filters
  • Lights
  • Wiper blades
  • Battery
  • Brakes
  • Fluid levels
  • Charging system including alternator
  • Spark plugs
  • PVC valve
  • Distributor
  • Fuel filter

Keep your gas tank above half during the winter

Maintaining a tank level of half or more ensures that your vehicle does not slide so much on the ice. It will also give you plenty of fuel should you get in an accident or break down. You can run the engine to keep warm until help arrives.

Pack a winter first aid and survival kit

The National Safety Council says to keep the following items in your vehicle in case of emergency:

  • Spare tire, jack, and tire iron
  • Compass
  • Rope or string
  • Flares and emergency triangles
  • Blankets
  • Extra clothing
  • Gloves, hats, and scarves
  • First aid kit
  • Shovel
  • Cat litter, sand, or ice melt
  • Jumper cables
  • Extra water
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Simple toolbox with screwdrivers, wrenches, hammer, and pliers
  • Paper towels
  • Extra windshield wiper fluid
  • Car charger and mobile phone
  • List of phone numbers for insurance agent, emergency contacts, and towing companies
  • Matches in a waterproof container
  • Scissors and flashlight with extra batteries

Our family at Ace of Dents wants to make sure you and your family are safe this winter. Keep these tips in mind. When you need mobile dent repair NJ, our specialists are always on hand to help you out. Call us for paintless dent removal NJ at 201-699-9102.

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