What can I do when I get a dent on my car in New Jersey?

You go to get into your car to go to work or school, and you see a ding in your passenger door. Where did the dent come from on your baby? Did the neighbor kid run into your car on a bike? Maybe the teen down the road slipped and sent his skateboard skidding into your door. Whatever the reason, now you need dent repair NJ.

Methods of dent removal in NJ

Depending on the dent, minor dent repair NJ companies use heat, suction, or rollers to remove small dings from vehicles. Some companies use bars and metal tools coated with rubber or silicone to remove the dent. Much of the equipment is small enough to slip behind the vehicle panel. The expert performs the repair from the underside to keep the paint intact. Sometimes suction can pull the damaged area out, other times it takes a little massage and finesse to perform PDR NJ.

Paintless dent remover in NJ and NYC works for several vehicle types

Ace of Dents is the leading paintless dent removal NJ company that has more than a decade of experience working on buses, cars, boats and trucks. Their experts are known for their value replacement services for luxury vehicles like Maserati’s, Lamborghini’s, and Ferrari’s.  Many insurance companies pay for mobile dent repair NJ services like PDR New Jersey because it is much cheaper than traditional methods of fixing like sanding, refinishing, and matching paint.

Paintless dent removal NYC raises the value of vehicles

The Wall Street Journal used four PDR companies to perform minor dent repair on four difference vehicles. Their results showed that most of the dents were removed with ease and brought the value of the car or truck back to the pre-damage estimate. Another benefit of paintless dent removal New Jersey is that it is a mobile service. Most companies can perform paintless dent removal NY in an hour or less.

When you need auto body dent repair, consider mobile services like paintless dent repair NJ to help you fix your beauty and get it back in top condition. Should you ever decide to sell your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat, you know that you will get top dollar because your mobile dent repair like paintless dent removal retains the value of your vehicle. For a specialist you can trust to do the job right the first time, call Ace of Dents at 201-699-9102.

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