You have likely heard about the PDR fixes we perform at Ace of Dents. Did you know we have an Instagram page? Our clients often connect with us on social media to see our latest repairs, and to stay current about specials, company news, and industry information. 

Why connect with Ace of Dents?

  • To converse with other car lovers
  • Learn about new tools and technologies
  • Find out what our most recent fixes are
  • Learn about the paintless dent repair process
  • See photos of previous fixes

How we can help you fix your vehicle for less

At Ace of Dents, our goal is to repair dents without bothering the paint. We never sand your vehicle. All of our solutions use specialized equipment, gentle techniques, and expert attention to detail. When we remove a dent or ding, your paint stays intact. By keeping your original vehicle finish, your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle is worth more money in the event you sell it. 

Maintain your fleet to keep customers

When you have commercial vehicles, keeping a good image is crucial to your bottom line. No one wants to call the plumber with a dented van. Our PDR repairs can fix your company truck when gravel overflows the dump bed. We can even set up appointments for several vehicles if you have work vans that spend hours on NYC roads each week. As a Tri-State leader in PDR repair, we understand what it takes to keep your client base happy. 

To see photos of our newest fixes or to stare at the exotic cars we are lucky to work on, please follow us on Instagram. If you get in a jam, then remember we can provide same-day repairs. We help you fix lease models and save money on rental car damage fees. 

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