When your car has small marks and dings, it can detract from the value, and it makes you feel bad about driving a damaged vehicle. If you own company vans or trucks with hail or tree damage, then it affects your bottom line. Customers look down on brands that have old or damaged vehicles. Ace of Dents has an affordable and fast solution that is cost-effective for personal and corporate vehicle owners. 

PDR advantages

When customers ask us if paintless dent repair is an investment, we give them an unequivocal yes. Why? PDR is a body repair technique that keeps your original finish untouched. Your car, truck, or van will look pristine when we reverse minor dents with specially designed tools. When you want to avoid a week in the paint booth and a mismatched finish, then using our approach will keep you from tearing your hair out. 

Ace of Dents is your local leader for paintless dent repair

Our licensed and insured technicians have over a decade of dedication to fixing luxury cars, rental vehicles, and company vans. We are proud to provide a helpful service that allows our customers to keep as much value in a vehicle as we can by never touching the paint. Over a decade of offering mobile PDR service gets us rave reviews online and repeat customers. Our corporate connections in the New Jersey community allow us to forge a strong connection with local brands helping our neighbors shine with damage-free vehicles. 

Join our Ace of Dents family on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. We routinely post photos of new repairs to show you what you can expect when you let us fix your vehicle. By opting for PDR, you are investing in your vehicle or your brand. Resale values are higher, and your image is better too.

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