You have likely seen the dent removal tricks online and on television commercials. When you get an estimate for dent removal from a traditional body shop, we understand how you could be tempted to go with the low cost or DIY solutions. These repairs often include putting a screw in the middle of the dent pop out the dent, but this fix often creates more problems or exacerbates the issue. 

Is dent removal by yourself a good idea?

At Ace of Dents, we never recommend trying dent removal by yourself. Why? Metal stretches out of place with a dent. Popping it out leaves an ugly bubble that may be worse than the ding. Our certified professionals use advanced tools to get the metal back to the correct shape without affecting your paint , shape and finish in the process. Plus, we guarantee our services. 

Why avoid the dent removal kit on television

With a quality repair, you will keep the value of your vehicle because we protect your original finish. Are you certain that you can remove the dent and fix the damage from the puller without messing up your paint? We guarantee that we will never turn a screw into your door panel, or hammer the dent back in place ruining your paint job. 

So, instead of performing dent removal by yourself, let Ace of Dents qualified technicians help you keep the highest vehicle value with our certified PDR service. Our solution is affordable beginning at a couple hundred dollars instead of thousands like the standard dent repair. To find out more about our process or why you should avoid the dent removal kit on television, please call our staff at 201-699-9102. We can even come to you to make the repair.

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