Do you have a big dent in your car, truck, or boat? Is your company vehicle looking a little worse for wear? When looking at the damage, if there is no metal showing or extreme stretching, paintless dent repair might be an option. This technique uses the expertise of someone who can coax out the damage while preserving the paint and body lines of the vehicle.  

Large dent removal

Getting a big ding out of your vehicle is not something every repair shop can do without screwing into the metal and using a dent puller to get out the majority of the damage. Then filler, sanding, and repainting are necessary costing you time and thousands of dollars. When you choose a top-rated repair firm to perform paintless dent repair for large dent removal, the specialist can tell you before beginning if the dent will come out. With the right tools, experience, and knowledge, our technicians at Ace of Dents are qualified and ready to help you get rid of moderate vehicle damage. As long as there is no paint damage, PDR is a possibility

Ace of Dent large dent repairs are mobile 

Our highly skilled technicians have over a decade of experience pulling small and large dents out of every type and style vehicle. We use only the most innovative and advanced equipment to remove the dent and raise your vehicle value. We keep the original finish and never use a filler or bonding compound to fill in the gaps. We reverse the damage, and we can do it at your home, office, or any NYC or New Jersey location. 

Call 201-699-91012 for more information about large dent removal. You can upload a photo of the damage online. Find out why we have a five-star rating on Google. 


Photo by Adam Griffith on Unsplash

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