When the winds whip and blow, things tumble to the ground. Acorns, pine cones, small branches, trash, and other debris forcefully hit whatever is in their path. If your vehicle happens to be out in the elements when Mother Nature unleashes, then you may find small dents or dings. This damage detracts from the value of your car or truck and makes your vehicle look bad. There are easy solutions to this problem.

  1. Inspect the vehicle from top to bottom in various lights. If the dent does not crease the paint or show the metal, then paintless dent repair can save you thousands of dollars in standard dent removal fees
  2. Check with your insurance agent or look at the policy to see if paintless dent repair is a covered service
  3. Ask your insurance agency to assess your vehicle for car acorn damage. You should be present during the inspection to make sure the adjuster notes every mark. You can also ask questions about the damage. For example, you can ask the size and the number of the blemishes, or whether there is any exposed paint in the damaged area. 
  4. Represent your interests by asking questions about options. Which fix gets you back in your vehicle fastest? Should you have the repair check come to you, or can you save time by having it sent directly to the chosen repair shop.?
  5. Select the shop and payment type and take your vehicle in for repairs. Be sure to check the car out after the fixes. Before photos can help you remember every area if there are multiple dings. 

Most insurance policies cover paintless dent repair because it is more affordable. This method also keeps the value of the vehicle. The original finish stays intact making car acorn repair with PDR an excellent solution. 


Photo by Caleb Lucas on Unsplash

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