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Bergen County New Jersey residents know that road trips mean auto maintenance

You know that checking the oil, antifreeze, and brake fluid are musts. Make sure to check the power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and washer fluid too. Putting the correct air pressure in the tires will help you save on fuel, maintain the tires, and make the journey much more comfortable. You will also want to ensure you have a decent amount of tread on your tires before you head out. One way to gauge the depth is to place a penny in the tire tread. If you can no longer see Lincoln’s hair, then your tire may need to be replaced. Check the air filter and be sure to get an oil change. Turn on all your lights to see if any bulbs are burnt out. Wash your car so that it is shiny and clean. Finally, double-check your first aid kit and emergency supplies like flares, reflective triangles, and spare tire. Another thing you may want to consider is getting rid of that ding that has pestered you for so long. It is cheaper than you may realize, and your insurance may even cover the cost.

Pdr repair is an excellent way to get rid of a ding in New Jersey’s cars

Bergen County New Jersey sees its share of wind. This can cause problems with dings and dents in vehicles around the city. Pdr repair or paintless dent repair is a quick and easy way to fix small dings and dents without affecting the paint job. The use of suction and heat helps pop the dent back out so that your vehicle is ready to roll with a flawless finish that screams “look at me.” The best part is that this is an inexpensive fix that takes an hour or less to perform. The repair shop can even send someone to you so that you can keep checking your car.

If you’re in New Jersey Area Call Us at 201-699-9102 for Fully Insured Dent Repair or email us Info@AceOfDents.com to get a free quote for our ding, paintless dent repair service and experience our best in class customer service.

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