Tips to keeping the paint looking brand new on your car.

As a paintless dent removal expert in New Jersey, Ace of Dents can help you keep your car looking like new for longer. We want you to maintain the value of your vehicle. We have compiled a list of necessary items to do to protect the finish on our car, truck, or motorcycle.

Wash your car by hand

Although it is much faster and easier to wash your sports car by taking it to the car wash, it may not be the best idea. Hand washing gives you the chance to look at the finish and make sure there are no scratches, dings, or dents. Always use a cleaner made for washing cars. Dish soap and water is a common solution used for washing trucks, but it strips the wax away from the vehicle.

Rub your hand on your vehicle to see if it is time to give it a deeper clean

Once you wash your car, give it another good look in the sun. Your finish should always be bright and shiny. Any dull spots can indicate you need a new coat of wax. Running your hand over the finish will let you know you need more wax if it is bumpy or feels gritty.

Use only non-acidic tire cleaners

Be sure to buy a tire cleaner with no acid. Acidic solutions will eat away the wax and eventually damage the paint on your car or truck. Clean tires before washing your car to rinse the tire cleaner off the body.

Use a good wax

Keep a good coat of wax on your vehicle to protect the finish. Popular Mechanics says that a spot wax between complete covers is an excellent way to treat small scrapes and cuts. Using a clay block will buff out the marks and prevent further damage.

Be sure to polish

Use a ruler to see if you need to polish your baby. Hold the ruler perpendicular to the hood and see what the largest number is you can read. The higher the number, the more shiny and glossy your finish. If you cannot read above a one or two, then use an oscillating buffer to polish your car or truck.

Maintain the value of your vehicle by getting dents removed immediately. Ace of Dents provides unparalleled service and high-quality paintless dent removal NJ. We help you keep your sports car or van looking new at half the cost of traditional auto body shops.

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