Dent removal scams plague every area of New York State. Whether you live in Washington Heights or the Big Apple, there are tons of scammers ready to take advantage of you for one reason or another. One way that these people fool auto owners is to give them a story about starting their own company, or offering a cut-rate price on the local body shops. Some scammers even have business cards made up to look like they are a legitimate company.

How to spot a dent removal scam in NY

  • You are approached in a parking lot or on the street
  • The company information is not listed with the Better Business Bureau
  • The person offers a quick-fix for a cut-rate price
  • Payment is switched from a check to cash only
  • The repair needs to set for 24 hours to set up
  • Something just does not feel right about the situation

Avoiding Washington Heights body repair scammers

The best thing you can do to steer clear of dent removal schemes is to only use an expert for repairs. Make sure to call a licensed and insured agency that has skilled and trained technicians who understand how to properly remove a dent while retaining the value of your vehicle. Many dings and dents are easily repaired using paintless dent removal services that are mobile.

Ace of Dents is a local Washington Heights expert that has more than a decade of experience repairing vehicle damage using gentle methods like heat and suction to fix the problem without messing with your car’s finish. They guarantee their work, and the cost is much less than conventional dent removal services and repairs. For a free estimate, call 201-699-9102 today for a fix that is gentle on your vehicle and your wallet.



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