Paintless dent repair is an option for auto body repairs that is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. PDR in NJ allows auto owners to get back to their day and on their way much faster than conventional auto body repairs. Traditional fixes include sanding and refinishing the affected area. PDR is a much gentler, faster, and easier fix.

Save money with paintless dent removal in Palisades Park

PDR is much less invasive than standard body repairs. It does not involve scheduling time in the paint booth and finding the exact paint color to match the vehicle. There is no need to sand the paint and fill in the dent with body filler. You will not need a rental because the repair shop says it will take a week or longer to get your car painted. No more calling a friend to come and get you because you had to drop your car off at the shop.

PDR in NJ is mobile

Paintless dent removal in Palisades Park is a simple phone call to your leading PDR provider. Ace of Dents has more than a decade of experience with this repair and helping customers submit their claim to the insurance company. Their tools are portable, so they can come to you no matter where you are located. The best part is that the service is complete in about an hour or less and maintains the value of your vehicle, so if you plan to sell your car, truck, or motorcycle, you can get top dollar for it.

For more information about how PDR can help you get the most out of your vehicle, call Ace of Dents at 201-699-9102. They can help you because the fixes are often $500 or less in most cases. Ask about same day appointments.



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