There are three types of dents and dings on vehicles

• Auto door dents
• Creased dings
• Rounded dents

If you have ever had a shopping cart mishap in the parking lot of your local grocery store, you are most certainly not alone. Any reputable auto dent removal service can provide you with a repair that involves sanding the damaged area, repairing the dent, and refinishing the paint job in that area, but this is a very costly and time-consuming solution. Paintless dent repair is an option that works for minor damage like car dings and dents, the first type of minor car damage.

Typical paintless dent repair fixes

• Fallen branches
• Frisbees
• Ball bats
• Bicycles
• Footballs
• Skateboards
• Soccer balls
Any dent or ding that is the size of a half dollar or smaller is a candidate for PDR. As long as the paint is not damaged, it can be repaired with PDR. This can save auto owners hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair fees.

Dents and dings that are round or on the door are the ones that qualify for PDR

A leading auto dent removal service in New Jersey has the tools and equipment to remove minor dings from your vehicle. They have more than ten years experience working on the everyday work truck to fixing exotic cars like Lamborghini’s. If you need dent removal NJ, then you might want to consider this type of repair. Get your flawless finish back in as fast as an hour. The experts can even come to your home or office, so you never have to leave to get the repair job done. The best part is that your insurance may even cover the cost. Make sure that paintless dent repair is listed on the estimate and the invoice for the repair to meet qualification requirements. They are much happier to pay the cheaper cost, and it gets you back to your day fast.

If you’re in New Jersey Area Call Us at 201-699-9102 for Fully Insured Auto Dent Repair Service or email us to get a free quote for our ding, paintless dent repair service and experience our best in class customer service.


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