Bergen County NJ residents know that repairing dents is a costly ordeal

When you have a tree branch fall on your car or the neighbors kid bumps it with their scooter, you get little dents and dings. Getting those blemishes out of your vehicle used to be a labor-intensive process that required sanding the paint before fixing the dent. Afterward, the surrounding paint must be analyzed, and then the new paint expertly blended into the surrounding area to get the colors to match up. Even then, there is no concrete guarantee without massive expenses. Now, there is a new method of dent removal that does not require the need to mess with the finish.

A new method of dent repair can save you thousands of dollars in repairs

PDR or Paintless dent repair can save you much time, hassle, and money. If you live in Bergen County NJ, then you probably have heard of PDR, but you may not know what it is. This method of dent removal makes use of heat, spatulas, and suction to get small dents out of vehicles. This process does not disturb the paint in or around the dent. It gets the job done without causing any cracking or flaking of paint. The best part about paintless dent repair is that it is much cheaper than traditional methods of dent repair. Bergen County NJ residents have access to this technology because one local provider has successfully restored dozens of high-end vehicles like Maserati’s and Ferrari’s along with family sedans and mini-vans. Another advantage of choosing this option over traditional repairs is that insurance companies are more likely to pay for this sort of repair. The auto body shop can perform the fix in less than an hour in most cases. They can even come to your home or office because the tools are mobile. This is one option that has multiple benefits for auto owners.

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 Paintless Dent Repair

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