Traditional dent solutions

Most auto repair shops fix dents by using a device with a screw to pull the dent out flat. Then, they hammer the area into shape with metal tools. This method affects the finish because it damages the paint temporarily. They fix the paint by sanding down the area, sending the vehicle to the paint booth. This repair takes a ton of time, money, and effort.

When to file a paintless dent repair claim in Leonia

If your vehicle has minor dings and dents, then PDR is possibly the best solution. Anything smaller than a quarter or a half dollar that does not cut into the paint is a possible PDR fix. Creases are fixable with paintless dent repair if there is no scratch in the finish. For instance, a tree limb falls on your car while parked leaving a small indentation. This kind of problem is usually fixed with PDR. The same goes for small dings from bicycles, skateboards, basketballs, hail, and minor fender benders. Often, grocery cart dents are fixed with PDR.

Ace of Dents is the leading PDR provider in Leonia. They have more than ten years of experience with minor dent repair and filing insurance claims. To find out if your insurance carrier covers PDR, give the experts a call at 201-699-9102. You may discover out that your car or truck is easily fixed with their mobile, same-day service.



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