Grocery carts can wreak havoc on a car body when it is windy, or people leave them out in the middle of the parking lot. Accidents happen when storms occur causing hail damage or when tree limbs fall on your vehicle. What is the best option for residents in the North Bergen area when these things happen? We explore the possibilities below to help you make an educated decision about fixing your vehicle.

Traditional repair services at a local body shop

Dent removal at a repair shop often entails leaving your car with the company for as long as a week in some cases. You have to get a rental or have rides set up causing a great inconvenience. Traditional body shops in NJ sand down the affected area to expose the damage before needing to find the right shade of paint to match your vehicle color. Then, the damaged area has to be repainted, and that takes time to fit into the paint booth schedule plus hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix.

Paintless dent repair for New Jersey residents

PDR is a relatively new solution that lets body repair experts use specialized tools that apply suction and heat to the ding to help fix the damage without touching the paint. This solution allows the repair expert to perform the fix in an hour or less. The best part about the service is that it is mobile. The body repair specialist can come to you no matter where you are.

PDR retains the value of your vehicle while saving you hundreds of dollars and a ton of time versus traditional body shops in NJ that perform conventional repairs. With more than a decade of experience, Ace of Dents is a leading provider of PDR services. Call 201-699-9102 today for an estimate.



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